Diabetes: Disability Application Cases Archive

Not everyone suffering from diabetes qualifies for disability application therefore the medical records of each claimant must be reviewed to determine the level of restrictions.

California Court Agrees with MetLife’s Denial of Dismemberment Claim

Dowdy v. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife) is a sad case for plaintiffs who have a pre-existing condition that contributes to their otherwise qualifying event for collecting insurance benefits. Thomas Dowdy and his wife had purchased an accidental death and dismemberment policy through Mrs. Dowdy’s employment at Bank of the West.
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Prudential Insurance Inc. Sued By Genentech Microbiologist For Denial of Long-Term Disability Benefits Provided By ERISA

A disability lawsuit was recently filed by a California disability attorney in Federal Court against Prudential Insurance Inc. (Prudential) and Genetic Engineering Technology, Inc. The Plaintiff, William C., was employed as a microbiologist at Genentech. Due to his employment, Plaintiff was covered by Genentech’s long-term disability insurance plan, which was administered by Prudential.

In William C. v. Prudential Insurance Inc. and Genetic Engineering Technology, Inc., Plaintiff seeks the long-term disability benefits that should have been provided under the terms of the plan, but were wrongfully denied by Prudential.
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Sleep Apnea Sufferer Sues Reliance Standard Life Insurance For Denied Disability Benefits

A sleep apnea sufferer and her California disability lawyer filed suit against Reliance Standard Life Insurance in the United States District Court Southern District of California under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) to try to retrieve her terminated disability benefits.
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